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Red rock mountains Sedona AZ- featured

Artistic expression is much more than a skill or a line of work. It’s an imaginative, inspired, and innovative way of communicating and living life. Read more »

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Diagonal Lines featured

Line is one of the most fascinating and essential elements of artistic expression. Artists create emotional impact in their works by exploring the visual and aural qualities of line, which can be short, long, straight, curved, thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzagged, combined, or implied. Read more »

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da Vinci Vitruvian Man web

Listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, gazing at Michelangelo’s Pietá or da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, hearing Leonard Bernstein’s music in a production of West Side Story, or reading the works of William Shakespeare may well leave you in a state of wonder and amazement. How long does it take for artists to create such masterpieces? Read more »

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Picasso Motherhood featured

The concept of foreground and background is one way artists can consider perception in their works. They work to push and pull different areas or aspects of the work into and out of the foreground and background, placing emphasis on where they feel it belongs and ultimately leading the viewers or listeners eyes and/or ears on an engaging visual or aural tour. Read more »

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Vincent vanGogh_The Red Vineyard at Arles_PD featured

Whether they are conscious of it or not, the artistic process teaches artists to solve problems creatively—with boldness, courage, and focus. Artists practice—they use the tools of their art form to carve a path forward so they can achieve their goals. In order to move forward, they confront problems that arise in the artistic process, rather than avoid them. Read more »

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Boston Public Garden in Spring

Artists allow themselves to fall deeply into the artistic process. Time seems to stand still and self-expression takes over. This kind of involvement allows their innermost thoughts and feelings to find an outlet. Engrossing themselves deeply in the artistic process helps artists to slow down, and that allows creativity to flourish. Read more »

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Chamber Ensemble featured

A deep understanding of the artistic process gives composers, choreographers, dancers, actors, directors, musicians, and visual artists the distinct 21st century advantage of serving in the role of problem solvers. Artists learn to stretch boundaries and forge new partnerships, often making insightful contributions to intellectual inquiry and the strengthening of communities. Much of the understanding comes from collaborative artistic processes. It’s powerful. Read more »

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Daring to Dare featured

Artists have unique sets of skills learned through the materials, elements, structures, and rules of their art forms. They know, however, that their greatest art is created when they take those basic techniques and break them apart just enough to take them to the edge and create something innovative and new. It requires a thorough knowledge of the artistic process and the willingness to step out of their comfort zones. Read more »

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Almond Blossoms featured

Artists of all kinds experience an incredible feeling of anticipation and hope as they begin a new work of art. Each new beginning is much like the freshness of springtime—a chance to start again. The feeling of anticipation and starting anew gives artists a sense of optimism and hope. The feeling comes from something new being born—of something to come. Read more »

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Theater Masks featured

Musical theater is a powerful and popular form of stage performance. Last week I attended performances with music by Stephen Sondheim—a full musical production and an afternoon of his songs from various musical theater works. Many of us experience an emotional reaction to the music created by Sondheim. There’s a fundamental, inspiring humanness in his work. Read more »

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