Doing What You Are

I recently learned of an installation and theater artist—Anne Patterson—who not only moves beyond traditional artistic boundaries but uses her gifts to create spectacular and innovative artistic experiences for audiences. She has a neurological condition called synesthesia and strives to create work that shares her unique experience of the world. The magnificent colors and shapes she perceives in music, smells, and numbers now come to life for all to experience in her stunning, larger-than-life installations and designs for orchestras, opera, theater, and site-specific spaces around the world. A current installation, The Light Between, at 125 High Street in Boston is constructed of ribbons of aluminum that magnify the light coming from the windows. Anne has said that her “art is a response to the natural world.” It pulls you in and draws your attention to the natural beauty that surrounds all of us all the time.

The artist and the photographer seek the mysteries and the adventure of experience in nature.
~Ansel Adams

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