Arts Awareness

Arts Awareness

Arts Awareness Book

A Fieldbook for Awakening Creative Consciousness in Everyday Life

Patricia Hoy digs deeply into her experiences as a performer, conductor, and arts administrator to share her wisdom and unique perspective about the thinking and creative consciousness that can come from making music and art. In our rushed, confusing, and complicated 21st century lives, people everywhere are trying to find their way in a world that is unlike anything they have ever experienced. Educators, parents, and leaders in our schools, communities, family units, and churches are searching for ways to succeed in this dramatically shifting environment. We seem to stumble forward amid endless conflicts, buffeted around by the continually shifting cure-alls that come forward only to break down time after time. Through all of this chaos, we tend to overlook a positive and powerful element that can transform our lives and awaken our inner knowing to achieve a happier and more fulfilling life. Patricia Hoy shares real life stories that uncover the natural, beautiful, and deep body of knowledge that can come from making music and art, reminding us of the limitless options for creativity in everything we do.

Patricia Hoy

Dr. Patricia Hoy . . .  In Person

Dr. Patricia Hoy is a sought-after speaker and consultant. Her Arts Awareness concepts came out of a lifetime of performing, teaching, and administering in the arts. As an accomplished musician, Patricia Hoy, D.M.A., can speak about the importance of the arts in relation to the changes, opportunities, and possibilities that are now central to thriving in the 21st century. As an artist, educator, and administrator for more than 30 years, she can discuss the principles of creating art as an integral part of the educational foundation for an individual and the lessons and insights the learning provides.

Biographical Information

Patricia graduated from the University of Redlands with Bachelor and Master’s degrees in woodwind performance and from the University of Arizona with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in conducting. As a free-lance woodwind doubler for nearly thirty years she performed a widely varied repertoire of classical solo, chamber, and orchestral music, as well as jazz, musical theater, and pop. As a conductor for more than 20 years, her work is equally as varied—leading wind ensembles, orchestras, musical theater, and ballet. While she continued to perform, she taught high school instrumental music for eight years before moving to higher education in 1985. She moved quickly through the system to tenured professor, accepting several administrative assignments along the way, and finally assuming a role as a full-time higher education administrator. As an administrator, she has had success in galvanizing large numbers of people in organizations to work toward common goals and break down barriers that have limited them for years. Her greatest strength is to imagine the possibilities and create the momentum to realize full potential using many of the principles based on her Arts Awareness concepts.