Arts Illuminate the New Year

Happy New Year! Perhaps similar to your own experiences, I found myself at the end of 2015 reflecting on the past year and new year simultaneously. Instead of resolutions and lists of changes, I considered the potential of the creative process found in the arts.

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, Las Noches de las LuminariasEverywhere I looked I was reminded by sounds and images that reinforced the intrinsic motivation that’s necessary to not just survive, but thrive. When you engage with the artistic process, you’re open to new experiences and knowledge. You use everything you know and can do to that point and put things together in new combinations. You solve problems you never solved before. You heal and reclaim your true self and celebrate new perspectives.

What art offers is space—a certain breathing room for the spirit.
~ John Updike

Sharing the Space of Artistic Expression

In this newsletter, I’ll share some of my experiences and thoughts from this holiday season and their potential for imaginative possibility and self-discovery as we begin 2016. This time of year, while we face the reality of the past, we have an opportunity to decide how we want to create the future. I truly hope you find the space of imaginative possibility as you begin your year.

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