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Be Bold and Begin

It’s an exciting time for me. My book—Arts Awareness: A Fieldbook for Awakening Creative Consciousness in Everyday Life—is now available. For many years, I’ve kept notes about a wide variety of experiences in the arts.

After some time and review of my musings, it was clear that there were many connections between my experiences and the experiences of others with the artistic process. The decision to organize these thoughts and put them into a book came with some trepidation. I’ve never written a book before. But my experiences as a performing musician reminded me to simply begin, to practice, and to gather the courage to keep at it.

You learn when engaging fully with the artistic process that once you begin and keep at it, the powerful force of momentum takes over and you find it’s increasingly easier to stay focused, make continuous progress, and find your way through the obstacles and challenges that inevitably turn up along the way. The most delightful aspect of this journey is that you never know what life-changing things you might discover as you move forward. The constant process of practicing, assessing, and correcting leads you forward. Read more from the November 2015 Newsletter: Be Bold and Begin.



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