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Why Fund the Arts?

Recent discussions and pending decisions regarding the government budget leave funding for the arts in limbo. If we care about a nation that’s both compassionate and creative; if we care about opportunities for young people, innovation, intellectual achievement, and our dignity as a national, then it is clear we cannot allow the arts to fall by the wayside. The value of the arts goes well beyond their social and economic benefits. The arts expand the mind and soul.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,
and paints his own nature into his pictures.

~ Henry Ward Beecher

BathersRegardless of the genre, the arts help young people develop skills in a wide range of techniques, but that knowledge expands over time to develop new ways of seeing that can shape their thinking and their lives. Works of art in a wide variety of genres give all of us a special and unique way to understand and deal with our world. The arts help us understand ourselves, and they help shape the processes through which we find meaning in our lives. The arts, from the viewpoint of an observer of the works of others or as a creator of one’s own works, allow us the freedom to deeply explore our minds and spirit.

Arts experiences—

  • help you to rise above doubt and distraction.
  • help you learn to view everyday challenges with a new perspective.
  • help you learn the benefits of a larger perspective.
  • help you gain confidence and open up new possibilities in everyday life.
  • help you see how passion and a sense of discipline coexist.
  • help you learn to live with freedom, yet with order.
  • help all of us connect to one another, inspire meaningful relationships, and deepen understandings among diverse groups.

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