The Added Value of Arts Aware Employees

Businesses and organizations experience an array of rapidly changing and increasingly complex challenges. Today’s world demands that we think in new ways. More than ever, it’s an environment that requires creativity and innovation.

Kandinsky Lyrical sideIf we are to succeed, we must lead with openness and authenticity, and our employees must have the ability to think in ways that take full advantage not only of their knowledge but of the breadth and depth of their experience. Employees who have creative experiences in the arts can see more clearly into the depths of things. They are more able to see the little things and the bigger picture simultaneously.

The benefits of Arts Aware employees to organizational performance are numerous. Click the link to my newsletter here to read three of the many organizational performance benefits that can come from Arts Aware employees.

I would love to paint a large landscape of Moscow—taking elements from everywhere and combining them into a single picture—weak and strong parts, mixing everything together in the same way as the world is mixed of different elements. It must be like an orchestra.
~ Wassily Kandinsky

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