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Creative Spaces

When you take the time to appreciate the Arizona landscape, you discover creative spaces you may have never before imagined. The experience is one that’s available to all of us all the time in any location.

In Arizona, what at first glance appears to be dry, barren land is actually an art of indescribable beauty. Hiking at various locations throughout the state is a popular activity. When you do venture out, you not only enjoy an array of spectacular scenery, but the sound of silence fills your heart and mind. With only the sound of a few lone birds, sometimes accompanied by a gentle breeze, you find the space to hear and feel your innermost self. If you allow it, you can relish the wonders of staying still and find the openness of your heart and mind.

Real action is in silent moments.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Physical Space—Mind Space—Heart Space

Artists move into that kind of openness to begin the creative process, which offers everyone a place where they are free to explore the spaces of their hearts and minds. In today’s world, organizations and businesses are even exploring new ways to understand the physical spaces and environments that can stimulate in their employees the same kind of open mind and heart experienced by artists. The artistic process is a way of focusing attention and for teaching the skill of paying attention. With physical, mind, and heart “legroom,” you can become more vulnerable and open for the unexpected; and with those three aspects in place, you find yourself willing to take a risk.
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