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Awakening Senses of Spring

It’s spring! Have you noticed the feeling of anticipation and movement in the air? This is the time of year when you might get the urge to declutter your living and work spaces. For many, it’s a time of hope for new beginnings.

Spring gives you an opportunity to observe and delve into the creative process. It’s a time of great creative expression. For centuries, artists of all kinds have explored the energy of the spring season in their works. While it’s not always accessed, everyone has a basic instinct for the balance, harmony, and rhythm of artistic processes that can be found in spring. When you’re open to the gifts of the spring season, you have a unique opportunity to find beauty, to access your own creative energies, and to initiate new things in your life.

We all have the ability. The difference is how we use it.
~Stevie Wonder

As a lover of nature, French impressionist painter Claude Monet created many spring-themed works throughout his lifetime. Van Gogh, who was inspired by the light and vibrant colors of the Provence region of France in spring, created a series of paintings of orchards. It is said that he appreciated the symbolism of rebirth in the flowering fruit trees and saw them as awakening and hope.

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