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Creating a Masterpiece

Listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, gazing at Michelangelo’s Pietá or da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, hearing Leonard Bernstein’s music in a production of West Side Story, or reading the works of William Shakespeare may well leave you in a state of wonder and amazement. How long does it take for artists to create such masterpieces? Each and every day artists wake up to their works of art; they consider where they left things the day before and open themselves to discover yet again another aspect of their expression as an artist. They chip away at their creations, some days making more progress than others. A single work of art may take ten minutes, ten days, or ten years or more. The answer isn’t simple. In truth, each single masterpiece takes a lifetime, and each one that follows builds on experiences of, and after, the one before—an ongoing sequence of extraordinary and powerful creative expressions.

Respect the masterpiece. It is true reverence to man.
There is no quality so great, none so much needed now.

~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Great artists are highly motivated to express their visions and share them with others through the medium of their art form. They look past the starkness and chaos of random raw materials, prescribed structures, and artistic elements to bring out something fresh.

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