Lose Yourself

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Great artists develop a remarkable ability to “lose” themselves when creating or performing their art.

Possibility and Personal Power

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Creating and performing great art requires that you consider all possibilities—be open to all outcomes. Openness to all outcomes involves an internal process that allows the artist to weigh options, visualize, rethink things, combine things in new ways, consider the bigger picture, and playfully formulate a plan or design.

Rhythm and Movement

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Recently, as I watched the water find its path around and through a beautifully sculptured fountain, the balance of water flowing over various waterfalls and then moving in well-designed pathways set up a rhythm that was captivating.

Structure Creates Freedom


Everyone wants freedom—freedom to create their lives, to do their work, and to build their relationships. Artists have an unusually keen sense of what it takes to express themselves without restrictions through their art form.

Creating Art Together


There are thousands of artists, day after day, who are getting out of bed running full speed ahead, knowing in their hearts that they can prevail over circumstances that come their way. They commit and they accept responsibility for what they accomplish.

Whose Lesson Is This Anyway?

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When I first started to teach music lessons, I was shocked at how much I learned. I found that the true test of whether I really understood what I was doing as a performer was when I tried to teach it to someone else.

Spinning into Control


There are thousands of artists of all kinds asking the same things and doing the same things day after day.