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Artists often experience dramatic and varying waves of confidence swings. There are days when things go well, when they feel strong and productive; and then there are days when they question their abilities or feel weak and insignificant. That’s not so different from what all of us experience in nearly all aspects of our daily lives. We all experience disappointments in life. We’ve had to perform in certain ways to achieve the approval of others, perhaps even feeling at times that we weren’t quite good enough. More than likely we’ve experienced cruel words and hurtful behaviors coming at us from others. In spite of the fluctuating emotions of certainty and insecurity, successful artists take charge and find a way past the feelings of doubt and fear, transforming them into confidence and courage. And the more they experience the swing from fear to faith in themselves, the more they have the capacity to face challenges, persevere in trying times, and remain strong when confronted with difficulties and disappointments.

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’
then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

~Vincent Van Gogh

The world we live in today requires that we think more creatively than we ever have in the past. We can learn from successful artists how to engage more effectively in the creative process of our work and home lives. Click the link below for a few of the skills we can learn to gain courage and find confidence in creating our lives.

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