Feeling Together, Thinking for Yourself

Different art forms are often placed in a position to compete with one another. One art form is better than another? Surely that isn’t the case. But while everyone has passion for the art they create, or support, or understand, we’re often placed in a position in schools and communities to take a competitive stance because of limited funding or economic issues. It’s also true that people sometimes have a difficult time seeing or hearing in unfamiliar ways. But without losing artistic identity or the love of a certain method of expression, we can all benefit from exploring and learning from all of the artistic processes—whether through dance, classical music, jazz, popular music, sculpture, painting, multimedia art, or theater. While many seem to be attracted to competition as a way of being, it’s important more than ever that we look deeper and find the real value common to the artistic process of expression in all its forms.

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.
~Leonardo da Vinci

The artistic process in and of itself is one of learning, growth, and discovery. When we’re open to growing, learning, and discovering in another art form, it deepens our understanding of shared experience and at the same time expands our awareness and appreciation for the kind of expression that feels most natural. It also opens us to a sense of feeling together through a conscious perspective beyond our own minds and hearts. This openness to broader understanding is also valuable in everyday life experiences. It doesn’t eliminate our own individual thinking, but expands our ability to imagine what others see beneath the surface of thought. It’s a kind of learning, sensitivity, and mutuality that’s needed to create more rewarding experiences in today’s world.

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