How Do Artists Do That?


Have you ever wondered where artists get their ideas? What might seem like a mystery is actually thinking that comes from life experiences, feelings, and the environment.

Creative Spaces

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When you take the time to appreciate the Arizona landscape, you discover creative spaces you may have never before imagined. The experience is one that’s available to all of us all the time in any location.

A Leap in the Dark


Highly creative artists do their work in a world of unpredictability. They don’t force a clear picture of the end result. While they may set restrictions and principles, they don’t create such strong boundaries that limit flow or their ability to move in new, more inspired directions. They trust themselves and the artistic process.

Conscious Creative Confidence


Artists often experience dramatic and varying waves of confidence swings. There are days when things go well, when they feel strong and productive; and then there are days when they question their abilities or feel weak and insignificant.

Creativity—It’s a Mindset


Creativity is a hot topic in today’s education and business worlds. There are also a lot of contrasting opinions about what it is and how we learn it or teach it.

Fresh Start


Every time an artist begins a new work or prepares for a performance the world is wide open. There is a level of excitement about that moment that’s invigorating. It’s a fresh start.

The Arts Matter!

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In preparation for November elections, political candidates are engaging in numerous conversations about education, the economy, and building healthier, happier communities.

Seeing Beyond the Visible

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Last week as I visited some artists’ studios in Scottsdale, Arizona, I was reminded of what the Scottsdale Celebration of Fine Art refers to as the “pristine beauty, luminous sunlight, and mysteriousness of the Sonoran Desert” that has attracted artists to the area year after year.

Thinking Big

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The basic nature of the artistic process allows artists the opportunity to become inventive and open their minds to what might be possible. Because they see big, they can think big, and they become visionaries who bring their dreams to reality.

Obstacles and Opportunity

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Whether they are conscious of it or not, the artistic process teaches artists to solve problems creatively—with boldness, courage, and focus. Artists practice—they use the tools of their art form to carve a path forward so they can achieve their goals. In order to move forward, they confront problems that arise in the artistic process,… Read more »

Dancing Together

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A deep understanding of the artistic process gives composers, choreographers, dancers, actors, directors, musicians, and visual artists the distinct 21st century advantage of serving in the role of problem solvers. Artists learn to stretch boundaries and forge new partnerships, often making insightful contributions to intellectual inquiry and the strengthening of communities. Much of the understanding… Read more »

Constraints Enable Freedom

Thinking Outside the Box featured

Artistic power thrives on the tension between freedom and constraint. Artists constantly balance the dynamics of these seemingly contradictory states.

Spinning into Control


There are thousands of artists of all kinds asking the same things and doing the same things day after day.