Arts and 21st Century Learning Interviews

Power of Learning in the Arts

At a time when the world has shifted dramatically and people everywhere are looking for new ways to reach out, interact, and share their inner spirit with the world, the creative concepts of Arts Awareness provide a foundation for learning that can transform your life. Arts Awareness comes from my lifetime of personal experiences as an active performing artist, educator, and administrator in the arts. Observation, reflection, and study of thousands of artists, educators, and students have contributed to this new learning paradigm that promotes creative consciousness in everyday life.

When you participate in the artistic process using the concepts of Arts Awareness, you gain depth of understanding, not only about what it says to you, but about how it moved you in the way it did. You can use the artistic experience not only to gain a deeper understanding of the beauty in the art form, but to widen the application of those natural principles that created that beauty. As you deepen your knowledge and gain greater awareness, you will be able to use these concepts more easily in everything you do.

  • Learning in the arts can help our students succeed in an increasingly complex world.
  • It can deepen your innermost sense of who you are as a human being and help you navigate the tensions of everyday life.
  • It can make a positive impact on the institutions and organizations in our communities.

I believe arts educators have access to a deep body of knowledge we haven’t even begun to tap, and it’s time we do something about it. Arts Awareness concepts can truly make a difference. Listen to The Importance of Arts Education, a KNPR interview about the benefits of Arts Awareness during my recent trip to speak with music educators in Las Vegas Clark County Schools.

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