Rhythm and Movement

Recently, as I watched the water find its path around and through a beautifully sculptured fountain, the balance of water flowing over various waterfalls and then moving in well-designed pathways set up a rhythm that was captivating. I heard, saw, and felt the movement of the water. The rhythms of the water flowing through the fountain created a comfortable and peaceful feeling, yet one that was also motivating. This dynamic interplay of the sculpture with the water is similar to what artists of all kinds do every time they create or perform.

everything has rhythm. everything dances.
~ Maya Angelou

Artists understand the direct relationship between movement and emotion. They guide our eyes, ears, or senses toward a certain experience using techniques such as:

  • Physical action
  • Manipulation of visual or tonal lines
  • Tints and shades of visual or tonal color
  • Patterns

Rhythm and movement give us the sense of the experience—sometimes even a kinesthetic, extrasensory emotional response.

Rhythms guide our very existence as human beings.Read more…


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