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Possibility and Personal Power

Creating and performing great art requires that you consider all possibilities—be open to all outcomes. Openness to all outcomes involves an internal process that allows the artist to weigh options, visualize, rethink things, combine things in new ways, consider the bigger picture, and playfully formulate a plan or design. While it’s a vital part of the work of an artist, each and every one of us is also a special kind of artist, capable of using our inner resources to help us navigate the world in ways we may have never before considered.

We can all use more inclusive thinking—a wide-ranging reflection that includes every possibility, even things that are dissimilar or completely unrelated. Looking at things in this way allows artists to be receptive to new possibilities without prejudging them. When we think like this in our daily lives, we begin to see patterns that lead to new connections and approaches that help move us forward.

I dwell in possibility…
~ Emily Dickinson

In order to achieve things in your life—your art, work, relationships, business—you first have to believe that moving forward in more than only one way is possible. This kind of thinking is risk-free. It gives you the power to experiment with potential outcomes that are simply thoughts—things that might appear to be against all reason, never before put together in the ways you are imagining them.  Read more…


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