Music Teaches the Power of Silence

It’s easy to underestimate the power of silence. In today’s noisy world, silence is something that isn’t easily mastered. People tend to feel uneasy when there’s a pause in the flow of sound or movement. Many feel the need to turn on the radio every time they get in their car. And when they’re home, they turn on the television or play music, or they look at their phone or iPad every free moment.

Silence, space, and stillness in rehearsal settings can be equally unnerving, but music performance experiences can help students learn the powerful influence of the gaps between sounds. If you’re a band or orchestra director, you have likely heard students look at a page of music and make a negative judgment about the worth of the experience because there are a lot of rests or long sustained notes. And you may have even chosen music with a lot of technical challenges because you’re more comfortable with the activity of all the notes on the page. But everyone can learn the value of silence.

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