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Lose Yourself

Great artists develop a remarkable ability to “lose” themselves when creating or performing their art. They become absorbed in what they’re doing—a level of concentration that we might forget to consider in the midst of everyday life. “Losing” themselves doesn’t mean they are unaware; in fact the opposite is true. They are able to engage in a level of concentration that allows them to be present and at the same time maintain a high level of awareness. It’s an inclusive awareness. The concentration is not narrow, but a flexible focus with breadth.

How high your awareness level is determines
how much meaning you get from your world.

~ Ansel Adams

Overloaded MultitaskerPeople everywhere are trying to find ways to do the things that need to get done. Almost all of us are on overload with our busy lives and constant sound and visual stimulation. This is particularly true at this time of year during the extended fall and winter holiday season.

We check our e-mail, glance at our smartphones, and all while we watch TV and/or listen to music while reading, cooking a meal, or riding a stationary bicycle. Some of us might work on a project, skip to another, and another, never trying to complete one until it becomes urgent and necessary. Often at that point we discover it’s too late to do it well or to even get it done at all. Some might think they’re good at taking on several things at the same time and think they accomplish a lot; but there is more and more evidence that points to the fact that this multitasker way of doing things destroys your ability to concentrate, to create things and experiences that are truly meaningful. Read more…


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