Fun in the Sun

In the summer, the arts pop up everywhere—you’ll find budget-friendly arts festivals in nearly every community in the United States and throughout the world. They often reflect the arts and cultural scene in the cities, states, and countries where they are located, mixing local talent with acclaimed artists.

Art Fairs and Festivals - Artistic ExpressionAttendees enjoy the multi-sensory artistic experience, the eclectic mix of artists, and the unique offerings at these uber-popular festivals every summer. The benefit is the opportunity to experience several arts disciplines and the work of many artists all at once, unlike the experience you might gain with a single museum visit, play, or performance. If you go to a festival, you can spend the entire day or the weekend, there are thousands of people, and you can go with your whole family or large groups of friends. It becomes a community—a meaningful shared event.

Creativity takes courage.
─Henri Matisse

Outdoor Concert

Artists take every opportunity to show their work to these large groups of people. They willingly face the challenge of putting their work out and exposing it for all to see or hear—and for all to appreciate, criticize, or reject. Artists are so powerful in this way—it takes courage to put your work out for public consumption like this. There is no doubt that if artists want to realize what is possible in their work, they need to be courageous. At the same time, this willingness to risk often has great rewards and leads to meaningful experiences for everyone, including the artist.

The way art is finding its way to audiences and the way audiences find their way to art is changing. Artists face these changes with awareness and strength of character, determined to share their art—meaningful messages, imagination, vision, and emotion—with the world. This courage allows artists to grow and evolve, further expanding their own understanding, expressiveness, and influential contribution to the world.

Outdoor Drama - Street PerformancesThe shifting world economy and societal consciousness of the 21st century demand that we all engage in life with the courage of an artist. Everyone has something meaningful to share. Meaningful change is often brought about by this willingness to risk, to share our significant individual creativity. This powerful process of thoughtful sharing can positively influence our communities, organizations, families, and our own growth as individuals. Social change is a reality and everyone’s courageous contribution is vital if we are to achieve the most insightful and conscious result.

Drawing on the powerful courage of a true artist will help you to begin to understand—


  • Why you are doing what you are doing
  • Why starting over is sometimes the best alternative
  • Why stillness and calm is important when you begin to feel out of control
  • Why it’s important to keep going with a constant openness to new understandings
  • Why the way you express yourself is as important as the message you are trying to share

Street DancerMeanwhile, continue to enjoy the work of these courageous artists who expose their work for all to see and hear. Whether you like the expressions of their work or not, with this understanding of courage and creativity, you can certainly appreciate the thought and vision and the selfless expression of the artist.


Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.
―Stella Adler



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