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This quote by Nobel Prize winning author André Paul Guillaume Gide was particularly relevant last weekend as the country celebrated more than two hundred years of independence. The American colonial resistance to British rule led to the creation of the Declaration of Independence, bringing forth the changes and paving the way for the country to move forward in a way that was more aligned with the hearts and minds of the colonists. . It was the resistance—breaking through the tensions—that created the momentum and the creative freedom they were seeking. Artists use a similar process every day as they create their work. They use artistic tension—cultivating and creating resistance in a sense—in order to achieve motion, feeling, and meaning in their expressions. Each work of art is yet another opportunity to explore the world from a new perspective that comes both from the innermost aspects of the artist as well as the interaction of the materials and elements themselves.

Art begins with resistance—at the point where resistance is overcome.
No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor.

~ André Gide

Tension is a natural part of our everyday lives. We find it everywhere. The word tension gives us a general sense that it’s bad and something we don’t want, but it can actually be a positive force in our lives if used to create momentum.

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