Creativity Newsletter

Bursting with Creative Possibility

Whether you live in an area with spectacular transformations or one with more modest changes brought about in the fall, this changing season tends to trigger all sorts of memories and a wide range of feelings.

autumn-in-bavaria-1908It’s something we know and experience year after year, yet it’s perceived very differently depending on how we choose to see the transformation. Even though the exact details may not be clear, the certainty of autumn moving through winter to spring and summer provides a structure for creative possibility. It’s the same kind of potential that artists explore every day. When you learn that structure isn’t limiting or restrictive, you can explore all sorts of imaginative experiences.

The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Everyone wants freedom—freedom to choose their experience of autumn, to create their lives, to do their work, and to build their relationships. The artistic process allows for this broader sense of freedom and creative possibility. Although they must learn the traditional structures, artists have an unusually keen sense of what it takes to express themselves through their art form without restrictions. They create their art within a context, and that context is structure; but just like the changing seasons, artists have learned that structure allows them the freedom to break free and make choices. It might seem counterintuitive, but without structure, there would be no comparison for choice. With this mindset, artists are creative and can see possibilities well before they become obvious to everyone.

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