“Art inspires us to visit the concept of unity…”

In today’s complex world, unity is an artistic concept that is worthy of our attention. We can gain much needed encouragement and perspective through the compositional strategies that artists use to make the parts of a work of art hang together as a whole. 

“Art inspires us to visit the concept of ‘Unity’ and see ourselves as part of a bigger universe.”~ Leni Kae, Australian contemporary artist and illustrator

While uncertainty fills much of what we’re experiencing today, the arts can play an important role in helping us see current situations and events from a different perspective. Artists give us a sense of unity in their works by creating the feeling of familiarity. All the parts have some relation to each other. While unity means that nothing detracts from the whole, too much sameness is boring, and artists strive for just the right amount of variety to stimulate and maintain interest. Various elements are placed in supportive relationship with each other.

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