Author Spotlight: Channeling Your Creative Consciousness with Dr. Patricia Hoy

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As a writer, what can you learn from other arts discplines? What can you learn from the arts as a whole? In this interview, Dr. Patricia Hoy shares her insights as a conductor, arts administrator, teacher, woodwind doublist, blogger and, now, author of the wonderful book Arts Awareness, just released by GIA Publications.

Be Bold and Begin

Arts Awareness

It’s an exciting time for me. My book—Arts Awareness: A Fieldbook for Awakening Creative Consciousness in Everyday Life—is now available. For many years, I’ve kept notes about a wide variety of experiences in the arts.

Fill Your Cup

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I recently presented two professional development workshops in Las Vegas for music teachers in Clark County Schools. The presentations were designed for elementary, junior high, and high school teachers in the district.

Power of Learning in the Arts

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At a time when the world has shifted dramatically and people everywhere are looking for new ways to reach out, interact, and share their inner spirit with the world, the creative concepts of Arts Awareness provide a foundation for learning that can transform your life.

Influences and Lineages


The program notes for a recent concert called to mind the influence of other people on our personal views. We’re all influenced by others in some way. When we experience the values of others, their beliefs and attitudes mingle with our own; and over time a new vision is created even if we’re not fully… Read more »

The Arts Matter!

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In preparation for November elections, political candidates are engaging in numerous conversations about education, the economy, and building healthier, happier communities.

Stark Beauty of Structure

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As I walked to work last week, the stark beauty of the bare shapes of leafless trees and shrubs stood out clearly against the city landscape. My attention and appreciation were drawn to the branches, bark, and trunks.

Arts Bring Life to the Holidays

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The arts—sound, color, dancing, and drama—are everywhere in December. In fact, their presence gives life to the holidays.

Creating Yourself

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Artists create art to express something meaningful. Artistic expression helps them understand a deep knowing within. At the same time, they engage others with the significance of that knowledge.

Changing Leaves

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I drove out of Boston yesterday to catch the last traces of the brilliant display of red, purple, orange, and yellow in the last stages of the New England “leaf peeping” season.

A Beautiful Ruined Moment

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Everything was beautiful. The performance was exhilarating. At the final chord, the conductor motioned for everyone to end what was to be a resounding and reverberating conclusion to the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah, but wait—something was wrong.

The Show Must Go On

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A couple of months ago, I was sitting in the audience enjoying an outstanding performance of the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie. The actors were singing and dancing when suddenly one of the women lost her skirt—it fell off completely!

Spinning into Control


There are thousands of artists of all kinds asking the same things and doing the same things day after day.