Why the Arts Matter


About 20 years ago I met a young musician who told me a story I’ll never forget. If you have ever wondered about the value of the arts—especially the process of performing music, dance, or theater, or making visual art—her story shows how the arts provide an opportunity to learn how to live a more… Read more »

Your Vote and the Arts


As we prepare to take part in elections that will soon be held across the country, I think it’s important to consider the impact of the choices we make on the future of the arts—both public sector and arts education.

The Power of Environmental Influence

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Everywhere you go in the Southwest, you’re surrounded by the remarkable beauty of nature. There is an opportunity every day to explore and experience the outdoors and at the same time gain a deep understanding of the artistic processes of all kinds of Native American artists.

Creative Space—A Canvas to the Imagination


Artists are open to the world around them. That openness allows them to see, hear, and feel things that may go unnoticed by others. It allows the creative space for observations and ideas to develop with artistic outcomes that are often surprising and unique.

Conscious Creative Confidence


Artists often experience dramatic and varying waves of confidence swings. There are days when things go well, when they feel strong and productive; and then there are days when they question their abilities or feel weak and insignificant.

Make Momentum a Priority


Artists know how to create momentum in at least two ways. First, there is a sense of movement in nearly every work of art, whether visual, aural, physical, or a combination.

Begin with Your Senses


As I entered a familiar room recently, I realized the multi-sensory impact of the music that was playing in the background. The room not only felt different than before, but there was a definite quality in the room mingling among the others that called to mind the sights, smells, and even tastes of past experiences… Read more »

Creativity—It’s a Mindset


Creativity is a hot topic in today’s education and business worlds. There are also a lot of contrasting opinions about what it is and how we learn it or teach it.

Fresh Start


Every time an artist begins a new work or prepares for a performance the world is wide open. There is a level of excitement about that moment that’s invigorating. It’s a fresh start.

Winter Journey


This week begins with the official start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a time that’s filled with nature’s handiwork—snow covered neighborhoods, icy streets, long cold nights, and short cloudy days.

Musical Theater Magic

Photo from Mary Poppins via Wikipedia. Pubic Domain.

The holidays tend to bring out the kid in all of us, and what better way to recount and experience that spirit and joy than a performance of Mary Poppins.

Shake Up the Holidays

Try  New Things featured

Artists create unique masterpieces and, although they sometimes get stuck or experience moments when they’re uninspired, they have learned ways to expand their creativity and keep their art fresh.

Celebrating Diversity


The recent CALA International Festival in Phoenix, Arizona, showcased the way that artists investigate the world around them. Festivals like this one take place all over the world, and they’re particularly advantageous to individuals who participate as artists, but also to the communities that support them.

The Arts Matter!

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In preparation for November elections, political candidates are engaging in numerous conversations about education, the economy, and building healthier, happier communities.

Inquire, Imagine, Innovate


As we begin a new academic year when students of all ages are starting or returning to school, it’s important to consider what it is we’re trying to provide in a 21st century education.

The Best Practice is Practice!

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Arts educators are also artists who are constantly practicing and learning to expand their own understanding and abilities.

Creating Emphasis


A recent performance of Gustav Mahler’s massive Symphony No. 2, Resurrection reminded me of the deeply expressive content of the work, but it also showcased both the remarkable genius of the composer and the expertise of the conductor and musicians.

Thriving Together

A festival crowd of music fans gathers by the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival , UK FEATURED

Last weekend was Summer Arts Weekend in Boston. What a wonderful way to bring people together. In fact, communities all over the world are enjoying arts festivals of all kinds this time of year, a worldwide recognition of the importance of the arts in uniting communities.



The artistic process requires flexibility—the willingness to let go of something and to take a new direction. Artists are well poised, through their ability to stay open, responsive, and resilient, to adapt to complex challenges in their own world as well as in the world at large.