The artistic process requires flexibility—the willingness to let go of something and to take a new direction. Artists are well poised, through their ability to stay open, responsive, and resilient, to adapt to complex challenges in their own world as well as in the world at large.



Artists spend hours in openness. They free their minds from being in complete control. While it can feel risky, openness gives them a chance to experience change and break down the barriers that can build up from everyday living.

New Year – New Art


People make New Year’s resolutions because it feels like it’s a chance to begin again. New Year’s resolutions are essentially a creative process.

Lose Yourself

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Great artists develop a remarkable ability to “lose” themselves when creating or performing their art.

Creating Yourself

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Artists create art to express something meaningful. Artistic expression helps them understand a deep knowing within. At the same time, they engage others with the significance of that knowledge.

Possibility and Personal Power

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Creating and performing great art requires that you consider all possibilities—be open to all outcomes. Openness to all outcomes involves an internal process that allows the artist to weigh options, visualize, rethink things, combine things in new ways, consider the bigger picture, and playfully formulate a plan or design.

Changing Leaves

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I drove out of Boston yesterday to catch the last traces of the brilliant display of red, purple, orange, and yellow in the last stages of the New England “leaf peeping” season.

The Power of Imagination

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Artists perpetually change the way we all look at things. They use their imaginations to transform our knowledge and understanding of the world. Once we experience expanded limits of our personal knowledge, whether we agree or challenge the learning, life from that point on will never be the same.

A Beautiful Ruined Moment

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Everything was beautiful. The performance was exhilarating. At the final chord, the conductor motioned for everyone to end what was to be a resounding and reverberating conclusion to the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah, but wait—something was wrong.

Changing Perspective

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As I walked to work each day last week, my route past the buildings, fountains, sculptures, trees, flowers, ground covers, and planters in the city attracted my attention in a new and unusual way.

The Show Must Go On

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A couple of months ago, I was sitting in the audience enjoying an outstanding performance of the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie. The actors were singing and dancing when suddenly one of the women lost her skirt—it fell off completely!

Structure Creates Freedom


Everyone wants freedom—freedom to create their lives, to do their work, and to build their relationships. Artists have an unusually keen sense of what it takes to express themselves without restrictions through their art form.

Color Matters

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Color plays an important role in our everyday experiences. It’s a language that can attract your attention or change your mood. For artists, it serves as an important communication link between their art and the observer or listener.

Creating Art Together


There are thousands of artists, day after day, who are getting out of bed running full speed ahead, knowing in their hearts that they can prevail over circumstances that come their way. They commit and they accept responsibility for what they accomplish.

Fun in the Sun

Outdoor Drama

In the summer, the arts pop up everywhere—you’ll find budget-friendly arts festivals in nearly every community in the United States and throughout the world. They often reflect the arts and cultural scene in the cities, states, and countries where they are located, mixing local talent with acclaimed artists.

Pedicab at the Pops

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There is no doubt about it—when you go to a Pops Concert, it’s time to have fun! I recently attended a Boston Pops concert sitting at a table near the front of Symphony Hall for the early-ꞌ60s-themed program that was inspired by the television hit, Mad Men.

Sliding Out of Third


What is going on back there? I was in middle of playing an important solo passage when I noticed movement and whispers coming from behind and below—we were on risers a couple of feet off the main floor of the stage.

Talent Isn’t Everything

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Have you ever felt like things just aren’t working out? Like you failed at something or even at life in general? Do you feel stuck? Do you want to experience happiness and enjoy more success?

Spinning into Control


There are thousands of artists of all kinds asking the same things and doing the same things day after day.

You Rock!

Arts Awareness

Yesterday I visited a new outdoor sculpture gallery on the Christian Science Plaza in Boston’s Back Bay and was just blown away by the experience. The Plaza, which attracts thousands of visitors each year from all over the world, is a 14-acre pedestrian refuge amid the busy traffic patterns of Boston’s urban environment.