Awakening Senses of Spring


It’s spring! Have you noticed the feeling of anticipation and movement in the air? This is the time of year when you might get the urge to declutter your living and work spaces. For many, it’s a time of hope for new beginnings.

Creative Spaces

The Sower van Gogh_ Sergei Bachlakov  Shutterstock

When you take the time to appreciate the Arizona landscape, you discover creative spaces you may have never before imagined. The experience is one that’s available to all of us all the time in any location.

Imaginative Possibility

Navajo Jewelry

As you walk through the many museums in Arizona, you learn that the history and cultures of Native American people of the area are inseparable from their expression as artists. From various symbols to geometric designs, there are similarities that inspire you to want to learn more.

Arts Illuminate the New Year


Happy New Year! Perhaps similar to your own experiences, I found myself at the end of 2015 reflecting on the past year and new year simultaneously. Instead of resolutions and lists of changes, I considered the potential of the creative process found in the arts.

Creativity—It’s a Mindset


Creativity is a hot topic in today’s education and business worlds. There are also a lot of contrasting opinions about what it is and how we learn it or teach it.

New Year – New Art


People make New Year’s resolutions because it feels like it’s a chance to begin again. New Year’s resolutions are essentially a creative process.