Big Things Happen in the Arts


Remarkable things happen when you allow yourself to become fully engaged with creating art or performing music. At every level, you learn how little things make big things happen. The arts allow you to experience things from a global perspective and to bring real world meaning to basic knowledge and skills.

Bursting with Creative Possibility


Whether you live in an area with spectacular transformations or one with more modest changes brought about in the fall, this changing season tends to trigger all sorts of memories and a wide range of feelings.

Arts at the Olympics


The Olympic games regularly display the culture of the host country.  Artists are featured in opening ceremonies, the works of local artists are displayed throughout the Olympic Village and city, and official posters are reflective of the creativity of the host country. But most people are unaware that in the first four decades of the… Read more »

How Do Artists Do That?


Have you ever wondered where artists get their ideas? What might seem like a mystery is actually thinking that comes from life experiences, feelings, and the environment.

Imaginative Possibility

Navajo Jewelry

As you walk through the many museums in Arizona, you learn that the history and cultures of Native American people of the area are inseparable from their expression as artists. From various symbols to geometric designs, there are similarities that inspire you to want to learn more.

Author Spotlight: Channeling Your Creative Consciousness with Dr. Patricia Hoy

Waves of Color web

As a writer, what can you learn from other arts discplines? What can you learn from the arts as a whole? In this interview, Dr. Patricia Hoy shares her insights as a conductor, arts administrator, teacher, woodwind doublist, blogger and, now, author of the wonderful book Arts Awareness, just released by GIA Publications.

Be Bold and Begin

Arts Awareness

It’s an exciting time for me. My book—Arts Awareness: A Fieldbook for Awakening Creative Consciousness in Everyday Life—is now available. For many years, I’ve kept notes about a wide variety of experiences in the arts.

Doing What You Are

Musical Fountain

I recently learned of an installation and theater artist—Anne Patterson—who not only moves beyond traditional artistic boundaries but uses her gifts to create spectacular and innovative artistic experiences for audiences.

Changing Patterns


At first glance the three 28-foot-high metal-riveted wooden doors appear to struggle to stand in place, leaning against each other for support. As you approach, your understanding of the precariously perched structure changes over to an image of balance and strength.

Making Connections


I recently took the opportunity to explore a few of the more than seventy public art pieces displayed throughout the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. As I strolled along the landscaped paths of the Scottsdale Waterfront area, I was immediately taken by the spectacular plantings of trees and dramatic flowers, the fountains, and the public art… Read more »

Bring Your Music to Life


I had the privilege of conducting the Arizona All-State Band last month. The experience was extraordinary. One hundred students from schools throughout the state participated after going through several steps to qualify.

A Leap in the Dark


Highly creative artists do their work in a world of unpredictability. They don’t force a clear picture of the end result. While they may set restrictions and principles, they don’t create such strong boundaries that limit flow or their ability to move in new, more inspired directions. They trust themselves and the artistic process.

Celebrating Diversity


The recent CALA International Festival in Phoenix, Arizona, showcased the way that artists investigate the world around them. Festivals like this one take place all over the world, and they’re particularly advantageous to individuals who participate as artists, but also to the communities that support them.

Arts and Ambiguity

shutterstock_217226695 featured

Images, movement, and sounds in works of art can be understood in more than one way. In fact, most artists know that appreciation and interpretation from multiple perspectives is an important characteristic of their work.

Thriving Together

A festival crowd of music fans gathers by the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival , UK FEATURED

Last weekend was Summer Arts Weekend in Boston. What a wonderful way to bring people together. In fact, communities all over the world are enjoying arts festivals of all kinds this time of year, a worldwide recognition of the importance of the arts in uniting communities.



The artistic process requires flexibility—the willingness to let go of something and to take a new direction. Artists are well poised, through their ability to stay open, responsive, and resilient, to adapt to complex challenges in their own world as well as in the world at large.

Creating a Masterpiece

da Vinci Vitruvian Man web

Listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, gazing at Michelangelo’s Pietá or da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, hearing Leonard Bernstein’s music in a production of West Side Story, or reading the works of William Shakespeare may well leave you in a state of wonder and amazement. How long does it take for artists to create such masterpieces?